Get to know your future business partner

At NUX Technologies we keep the pace with the market and evolve alongside it with a clear goal: to meet our clients’ needs. In order to achieve such goal, we consider that nothing is better than sharpening our skills through teamwork.

Our methodology consists in combining our solutions with the latest technologies available in the market and broadening our marketing channels with the aim of fostering the growth of all the parties involved in the partnership.

Strategic Alliances

We have established technological and commercial alliances with some of the leading players of the market. These alliances generate a powerful synergy that is the basis of the continuous refinement of our solutions. Furthermore, they substantially boost the resources and knowledge of both parties to the agreement, providing an easy access to new business opportunities.

NUX Partner Program (NPP)

The aim of our partner program is to gain new business allies who are willing to add our products and services to their portfolios so as to offer them to their clients within their own regions.

Our solutions use the latest cutting-edge technologies, which allows us to offer platforms that evolve along with the market and that are adaptive to the dynamic telecommunications industry.

We look forward to working in tandem with the most renowned companies in the market with the aim of taking the network industry to the next level. We offer clear benefits that range from human capital exclusively dedicated to our partners, to discounts, product demos and technical support during the different stages of the project.