Mobiprobe Carrier Edition

The power of your customers’ smartphones used to obtain network measurements

Easily distributed app

Gather important information of the operator’s mobile network in an economical and massive way.

Smooth integration

The information gathered can be easily integrated with the CRM or any other system.

Network Performance

Have your network assessed by your most reliable partner: your customer

Mobiprobe Carrier Edition APP

Can work as a dedicated app or be integrated into any other app distributed by the MNO or MVNO – customer care, coverage, complaints, VAS, etc.
  • Non invasive and transparent for the user
  • Minimum battery, data, CPU and RAM consumption
  • Data is stored locally and sent in an anonymous and secure way
  • Supports three ways of detecting location: GPS, WIFI and Network
  • Possibility of only sending data using WIFI or fixed IP