New commercial alliance: NUX Tech. + Worldmedia Consulting

The companies have got together with the purpose of taking their operations to new territories. All of the telecommunications’ start-up’s products will now be also commercialised by Worldmedia Consulting’s business consultants.

The consulting firm has offices in different strategic points around the world, such as Hollywood in Florida, Panama City, Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Therefore, the geographical scope of the commercial portfolio of NUX Technologies will be considerably widened, thus allowing the company to meet the demand in a more effective way.

Worldmedia Consulting is mainly commercialising the Mobiprobe product line, which is orientated to service providers. Such product line is comprised by Mobiprobe Sonar (smartphone-based probes for obtaining specific measurements of user experience), The Coverage Project (crowdsourcing platform for benchmarking providers) and Mobiprobe Carrier Edition (statistical assessment of the network, transforming the users’ devices into test points, in a non-invasive and transparent way).

“We are happy to announce our agreement with Worldmedia Consulting, as this commercial partnership will allow our products and services to reach new niches and customers. I am certain that both companies’ potential, when considered together, will result in a larger deployment of our solutions. This partnership is part of our company’s plan to add partners. Having the support of such a company is a definitely a big step for us.”
Marcos Sitz
Sales Director at NUX Technologies
“The strategic alliance between Worldmedia Consulting and NUX Technologies combines our capacity in terms of consulting, business analytics and commercialisation, with NUX’s technological platforms. This partnership’s goal is to provide our clients – mainly the ones from the Mobile Operators’ sector – with a comprehensive solution that improves the quality of experience (QoE), in an innovative way, with a rapid impact on their businesses and offering an attractive commercial scheme. Our partnership with NUX Technologies represents the addition of a strategic partner as regards Customer Experience Management to our consulting practice and to the development of businesses within the region.”
Julio Ardiles
Member of Worldmedia Consulting’s board of directors

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About Worldmedia Consulting

Worldmedia Consulting is a consulting business that operates through three segments: strategic advice, business consulting focused on marketing and user experience and IT/technology transformation. WMC serves telecommunications companies around the world, helping them to understand their customers better, build a superior IT infrastructure, find a sustainable path to growth and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organisation.

The WMC consulting team delivers value through its mastery of the telecommunications market, its proven experience, and its ability to transform businesses.

About NUX Technologies

NUX Technologies is an american start-up headquartered in Miami, Florida, focused on analysing user experience when using the mobile network and its services.

Its innovative solutions provide service providers with different views of how users interact with the network, and provide relevant information about the QoE perceived by their clients. Such information can be perfectly complemented by the information provided by the network itself, allowing to make precise strategic decisions when it comes to investing in improving the network’s performance.